BRAND: Williams Sound

Williams Sound: FM 457NET PRO


Large Area Personal PA® FM Assisted Listening System

The FM 457NET PRO features the cutting-edge PPA T45 NET transmitter, multiple digital audio input options, and an OLED display with easy-to-manage menu navigation. Features three powerful microprocessors and the same high-quality audio and RF performance you’ve come to expect from Williams Sound. 

The system also comes with the NKL 001, which is an induction neckloop designed to magnetically couple an audio signal to a telephone coil-equipped (T-Stat/T-Coil) hearing aid.

With an operating range of up to 1000 feet, it’s ideal for large venues where superior coverage is essential. 

FreeSpeak II is a five-channel, full-duplex wireless intercom solution, ideal for large-scale, complex designs or specialized applications–requiring team members to be untethered and talking in independent channels of communication. After years of field experience and refinement, FreeSpeak II has become the de facto standard for wireless intercom operation in the 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz band across various markets. 

The exceptional RF performance and reliable connections across the system give users the peace of mind they need for staying connected at every major event, programming, stage performance, critical or mass area operation.

Clear-Com: Free Speak II

1.9GHz Digital Wireless Intercom System

RTS: "TW" Two-Wire

Hardwired Intercom System


1.9GHz Transceiver Antenna Features
  • Up to 10 Active Antennas can be connected to one system
  • Up to 1,475 ft of coverage area per antenna
  • Both the 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz antennas can co-operate on the same system

The RTS TW Hardwired Intercom System is a straightforward intercom system. Each PH-88 headset is connected through a BP-325 beltpack to the PS-20 power supply for communication.

RTS TW’s innovative intercom systems have been the industry standard “can’t fail” communications system for over 30 years. The 2-channel on standard microphone cable technology offers users a distinct competitive advantage.

With countless applications in Studio Broadcast, Remote Production, Board Rooms, Theaters, Arenas, Stadiums, Training Facilities and many venues, the RTS TW has the time proven technology that professionals rely on to stay connected.


Personal PA FM Assisted Listening System


"TW" Two-Wire

  Hardwired Intercom System

BRAND: Clear-Com

Free Speak II

  Digital Wireless

Intercom Systems

Base Station Features
  • Routing and configuration of up to 25 FSII beltpacks
  • Fiber transceiver connections, supports two fiber enabled FSII splitters
  • Browser configuration client works on any device or PC
  • Four 2-wire ports with call signal, auto nulling (supports Clear-Com and RTS)
  • Supports 2 transceivers natively and up to 10 transceivers via FSII active splitter
  • Multi-mode user interface has monitoring, setup and main station modes with assignable soft keys
  • Outdoor Live Events
  • Large-Scale Broadcast Production
  • Live Film & TV Production
  • Sports Events
  • Theater/Stage Performances 
  • School Auditoriums 
  • …and more!
BeltPack Features
  • Functions with FSII base, FreeSpeak Edge base, Arcadia Central Station, E-IPA-HX cards, and FSII splitter hardware
  • Typical indoor range 300ft (90m), outdoor range 800ft (240m)
  • 1.9 and 2.4GHz beltpacks operate on a single system
  • Up to 65 - 90 beltpacks on a single system
  • Encoder Volume Swap between A&C and B&D
  • “Listen Again” message replay

  • Outdoor live events
  • Large-Scale Broadcast Production
  • Live Film & TV Production
  • Sports Events
  • …and more!


  • Studio Broadcast
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Theaters
  • Stadiums & Arenas
  • Conventions 

System Applications

  • Auditoriums
  • Theaters / Cinemas
  • Conferences / Boardrooms
  • Houses of Worship
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Public Speaking Events
NKL 001 Features
  • For Use with T-Coil/Switch Hearing Aids
  • Works with Induction Earphones
  • Integrated Safety Breakaway Device
  • 18" Cord
  • Works with FM and Select IR Receivers
  • For Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss
  • Press Conferences
  • Sporting Events
  • Schools / Assembly Halls
  • Stadiums / Arenas
  • Concerts
  • ...and more!
Williams Sound: NKL 001  w/ PLR BP1

Induction Neckloop for T-Switch/T-Coil Hearing Aids  &  ProLoop Body Pack Induction Loop Receiver

The NKL 001 neckloop has a standard ⅛" mini plug that can be connected to any audio device that has an 8-16 Ohm ⅛" output, such as a beltpack receiver, TV, iPod, etc. The neckloop has a slider that lets you to adjust the tension. The 18" cord provides a good amount of slack for use with body-worn devices.

BP-325 Features
  • Call Function
  • Headset
  • Microphone Kill Detect
  • Powered Externally


2CH binaural programmable beltpack

The RTS Two-Wire Intercom beltpacks are mechanically engineered to be rugged and dependable and provide maximum voice intelligibility. The BP-325 is a binaural (stereo), programmable two-channel portable beltpack, with program-input capability. It is for use with RTS Two-Wire intercom systems, and is to be used with a dynamic microphone only.


Power Supply

The RTS Two-Wire Intercom beltpacks are mechanically engineered to be rugged and dependable and provide maximum voice intelligibility. The BP-325 is a binaural (stereo), programmable two-channel portable beltpack, with program-input capability. It is for use with RTS Two-Wire intercom systems, and is to be used with a dynamic microphone only.

PS-20 Features
  • Audio Linking
  • Monitoring
  • Program Input
  • Status Indicators

The PH-88 is a single-sided super lightweight headset for the ultimate in daylong comfort. It offers a dynamic noise-canceling gooseneck microphone with a semi-rigid, fully adjustable boom for precise positioning. The high-quality wide band dynamic earphones are covered in moleskin for superior fit, isolation and frequency response.

PH-88 Features
  • Noise Canceling Dynamic Microphone
  • Fully Adjustable Boom
  • Lightweight
  • One-Size Adjustable Headset


Single-sided headset with flexible dynamic boom mic

  • Intercom Channels Connections
  • Selectable Mode Operation
  • Selectable Termination Impedance

The source assignment panel (1RU). Transforms a basic two bus intercom system into a 6 bus system via convenient matrix slide switches. Provides six input channels and 12 two-channel TW user station strings. I/O provided via two ¼", three 3 pin XLR female and twelve 3-pin XLR male connectors. Contains XLR jacks for RTS power supply.

SAP-612 Features
  • Assignment
  • Expanded Operation
  • Inputs
  • Outputs


Source assignment panel

The FSII-BASE-II is a base station for the wireless FreeSpeak II 1.9 GHz and 2.4 GHz active transceiver antennas and beltpacks. 

The FSII-BASE-II has four 2-wire connections for analog partyline connection, four 4-wire audio connections and four displays with soft keys.

Dedicated stage announce (SA) output and program audio input are provided.


FreeSpeak II Base Station

  • Supports both 1.9 GHz and 2.4 GHz FSII beltpacks on a single base station
  • Matrix and party-line configurations support up to 12 channels and/or groups
  • DECT Sync ports for optimizing co-located systems
  • RF Audio Filter improves system performance in harsh RF environments
  • Call-on-Talk
  • Text messaging from CCM to wireless beltpacks

The FSII-BP19 is a rugged, water-resistant beltpack that operates in the ISM license- free 1.9 GHz frequency range. Featuring the “Clear-Com Sound”, the FSII-BP19 has high audio bandwidth for superior intelligibility and listening comfort.

The FSII-BP19 is IP53 rated for wet weather or dusty conditions making them ideal for outdoor productions. For better grip and protection, the beltpack has a rubberized over-mold to protect from the most rugged environments.

  • Simple 2-channel partyline operation to 5-channel intercom on the same beltpack
  • Over-the-air beltpack registration
  • 18+ hour battery life or USB port for continuous operation
  • XLR-4M headset connector
  • IP53 rating for wet and dusty conditions
  • Built-in flashlight


FreeSpeak II 1.9 GHz Beltpack

The FSII-TCVR-19 is an active transceiver antenna for the FSII-BP19 beltpacks. The antenna can be locally powered or powered via the FSII base station or matrix on shorter connections (less than 1000 ft).

The FSII-TCVR-19 has a mount for wall or microphone stand. A green status light is visible from either mounting orientations. When mixed with FSII-TCVR-24 antennas, a single radio space can support up to 65-90 FreeSpeak II 1.9 GHz or 2.4 GHz beltpacks.


FreeSpeak II 1.9 GHz Transceiver Antenna

  • IP53 rated for water and dust resistance
  • Microphone stand mounting on Transceiver Antenna
PPA-T45 NET Features
  • Up to 1000’ operating range
  • Ethernet control capability
  • OLED display, push-button menus
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Adjustable power output

The PPA T45 NET is a cutting-edge FM Wide-Band transmitter operating in the 72-76MHz bandwidth. Developed for hearing assistance in places of public access, the PPA T45 is designed for those who need help overcoming background noise, reverberation, or distance from the sound source. 

It includes a complete audio processor optimized for the needs of hearing impaired persons and is easily integrated with your existing sound system. The PPA T45 NET can also be used with a microphone as a stand-alone system, and has the option of being controlled via Ethernet over a network with hard-wired or wireless devices.

The PPA T45 transmitter operates just like an FM radio station. The transmitter takes audio directly from a microphone or sound system. This audio is then broadcast over an FM radio signal. FM radios can be worn by listeners or an AC powered amplified speaker with built in receiver can be utilized as needed. The broadcast can be received up to 1000 ft from the transmitter. This allows listeners to sit anywhere in the area and listen to the broadcast at the volume level they need without disturbing others around them.

Williams Sound: PPA-T45 NET

Personal PA® DSP FM Wideband Transmitter

  • Combo XLR, ¼" TRS inputs
  • Accommodates any number of listeners
  • Meets ADAAG guidelines
  • Made in the USA
PPA-R37 Features
  • Easy-to-use, seek-button channel selection
  • 17 pre-set wideband frequencies between 72-76 MHz
  • Channellock capability (to prevent accidental channel change) 
  • Battery-saving 'Sleep Mode'.

The PPA-R37 Select FM receiver is digitally synthesized for even greater audio clarity and stability. A versatile 3.5mm stereo/mono jack allows for a variety of earphone and headphone options, and is neckloop/telecoil-equipped-hearing-aid compatible.

The stylish, impact-resistant PPA Select single-channel receiver is compatible with any Williams Sound Personal PA transmitter operating on the 72-76 MHz bandwidth.

Williams Sound: PPA-R37

Personal PA Select FM Receiver

Simple and convenient to use, the PLR BP1 induction loop receiver body pack is designed for use in induction-looped areas by listeners who do not wear T-coil-equipped hearing aids. Compatible with all IEC 60118-4 compliant induction loop systems. 

PLR BP1 Features
  • Operates up to 200 hours with two AA alkaline batteries
  • Simple to use -- on/off volume control
  • Internal tone control
  • 3.5mm stereo jack
NKL 001

-  Induction Neckloop for T-Switch/T-Coil Hearing Aids


-  ProLoop Body Pack Induction Loop Receiver

A hearing loop is an assistive listening system that takes a sound source and transfers it directly to a hearing aid without background noise, interference or acoustic distortion. A hearing loop is also known as an induction loop, T-Loop, or AFIL (audio-frequency induction loop).

Loops are ideal for hearing aid users. Most hearing aids are equipped with a T-coil which can pick up the signals sent from the loop. Certain smartphones also come with a T-coil feature and the user can listen to the audio via their personal headphones.