If you're planning an event, whether a small social affair, a large non-profit gala, or your

own wedding, let us help! World Audio & Lights understands the stress and pressure that

can build while planning and executing an event of any size.

Our team has decades of experience in the event industry; through our experience in

working closely with meeting coordinators, wedding planners, and technical directors, we

are able to communicate effectively between all parties, as well as anticipate the needs of

our clients. The devil is in the details, so let us sweat the small stuff for you!

Our goal is to allow you to relax, enjoy the creative process, and produce an event that

will be memorable, fully customized, and focused on individual design goals. We make

this happen by providing our clients with comprehensive proposals, equipment

recommendations, thematic developments, labor and production schedules, and detailed

equipment and labor billing. When you choose World Audio & Lights to produce your

event, there are no surprises!

Our slogan, and the essence of our company policy and work ethic is "outcome driven,

not income driven." Here, your event goals are our priority.

We are also ready to hit the road to be wherever you need us in North America.