3k - 21k Projetors available

Keyspan PR-EZ1

USB Presentation Remote

BRAND: Tripp Lite

Perfect Cue

Wireless Cue Light 

Cue Prompter



PRO-2000 Kit

Speaker Timer


Tripp Lite: Keyspan PR-EZ1


Wireless Presentation Remote

The Keyspan PR-EZ1 Remote places complete presentation control in the palm of your hand. With intuitive controls easy enough for novices and powerful enough for presentation pros, you're free to concentrate on your message instead of worrying about the technology behind it.

PerfectCue PC-433BP is a light and sound signaling system. It enables a presenter to send audio and visual cues to a projectionist using a wireless hand-held transmitter.  The communication between the transmitter and cue light is solid at 300 feet. 

It can also remotely control presentation apps such as PowerPoint on two computers simultaneously when they are connected to the USB ports. The computers "see" PerfectCue as a standard USB keyboard and require no special drivers. The actual keystrokes can be customized with a free app.

DSan: Perfect Cue PC-433BP

Wireless Cue Light Cue Prompter

The D’San Limitimer PRO-2000 is an automated speaker timer system that provides an ideal time-keeping solution during presentations.

Allows you to connect two Limitimer consoles to one or more signal lights and configure them to allow start and stop control

DSan: Limitimer PRO-2000 Kit

Automated Speaker Timer System

Product Features
  • Activate / isolate multiple cue lights on a single line.
  • Match cue light and actuator communications on 16 selectable channels.
  • Connect hand-held actuator for hard-wire backup.
  • Connect multiple cue lights via Cat 5 or XLR cable. Only one unit requires power.
  • Remotely control presentation software via programmable keyboard commands delivered through two USB ports. Maintain mouse functionality
  • Remotely activate custom devices
  • Play selectable cue sounds through speaker or headphone jack.
  • Combine audio monitor input with cue sounds.
  • Actuator contains built-in laser pointer.
  • Light / Sound Signaling System
  • Belt Pack Integration Support
  • 4-pin Input/Output XLR Jacks
  • Volume Control
  • Boardrooms
  • Classrooms
  • Theaters
  • Soundstages
Product Features
  • 4 Time Programs:


  • Beep / Blink / Beep-Blink Cue Options
  • Global Timer Options:

  • Includes the timer console, PSL20V remote signal light, 50' (15.24m) CAT-5 cable, and a 110/220V external power supply
  • Presentations / Seminars
  • Virtual / Live / Streaming Events
  • Boardrooms / Conferences


BRAND: Various

BRAND: Various

BRAND: Various 

Stage & Drape

BRAND: Various


& Various Monitor Stands

  • Presentations
  • Live Events
  • Houses Of Worship
Product Features
  • Keyspan wireless presentation remote designed to work with PowerPoint, Keynote, Adobe Director, etc.
  • RF Connectivity: Works to 60 ft or more (even through walls and furniture)
  • Laser Pointer: Highlight details of your presentation with ease
  • Audio Control: Volume and mute buttons control sound
  • Plug & Play: No software to install, just plug it in and it works within seconds
  • Presentations / Seminars
  • Virtual / Live / Streaming Events
  • Boardrooms / Conferences


Misc. Items

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Other items of interest...

- Total time

- Remaining time

- Sum-up time

- Beep / blink settings

- Count-up or Count-down

- Stop-clock or continuous count

- Minutes : Seconds or Hours : Minutes

- Ring / buzz / chime-based audible cues