3.9mm Outdoor/Indoor

LED Video Wall Panels

BRAND: Absen

The indoor A5 model LED display module uses a magnet design in order to remove it from the front of the cabinet. The power panel modular design makes for easier maintenance. With a special connector design it is easy to reduce gaps while installing, creating a perfect display. Applicable for indoor stage, TV station, concert, theme park, exhibitions and so on where HD display is needed.



    2.97mm High Resolution Flexible Video Panel System

    BRAND: American DJ

    • Visual Feast Powered by Ultra HD Image 
    • Superior consistency coupled with Low Brightness & High Grayscale
    • Seamless Connection
    • Multi-function Connector
    • Front Maintenance within 5 seconds, Saving Time and Labor cost
    • Quick Installation with Magnetic Module 
    • User-friendly Experience

    - 5.2mm High resolution pixel pitch provides exceptional display performance and perfect embodiment of Ultra HD LED technology


    - A5 is endowed with superior consistency under low brightness status, even reduced to 20% brightness.


    - Patent connector is able to adjust seam, making seamless connection. Installation and dismantle time is only 1/4 of traditional panel.


    - Intelligent connector is integrated with connection and seam adjustable ability. The patent number is CN201110077471.9.



    - Front-access module and modular design of power supply boost maintenance speed.

    - Magnetic module design enables 5 times quicker installation than average screw module.

    - Working status is shown instantly on LCD information window, including voltage, working hour, edition number and screen temperature. Screen status and R,G,B switching testing all implemented by exterior testing bottom.

    American DJ: AV2X
    The AV2X is a high resolution, flexible video panel from ADJ. Each panel has a pixel pitch of 2.97mm with a configuration of a 3-in-1 RGB SMD2121 LED. The panel can curve in convex or concave +/-5°.  The brightness is 1000 NITS.

    There are 4 LED modules per panel. This allows for easy serviceability. The AV2X connections include PowerLock In/Out and Ethercon In/Out. This panel also features a Novastar A5s receiving card.


      • Corner Protectors to protect the corners of the AV2 during transport, set-up and teardown
      • Concave /convex option: set-up straight, 5% concave or 5% convex
      • 4 easy to replace video modules on each panel


      • Pixel Pitch: 2.97mm (0.17”)
      • LED Configuration: 3-in-1 SMD2121 LED
      • Pixel Density: 168x168; 112896 per square meter
      • Size :19.75” x 19.75” x 3” / 500 x 500 x 73mm
      • Module Quantity: 4
      • Weight: 17.64 lbs. / 8kg

      2.97mm High Resolution Flexible Video Panel System

        Absen: A5

        5.2mm Indoor LED Display Panels

          L.E.D. VIDEO WALLS



          5.2mm INDOOR

          Video Panel System


          • Die-Cast Aluminum Chassis for Rigidity and Strength
          • UltraHDR Broadcast-Grade Chipset for Astounding IMAG On-Camera Performance
          • Nova / Brompton / MegaPixelVR Compatible for the Industry Leading Image Quality
          • Complete Front Service for Flush Wall-Mount                                                                               - Mount Video Wall Panels Flush Against the Wall.                                                             - No Need for a 4" Space Between Back-wall and Panels
          • Large Handles Designed for Grip, Comfort, and Ambidexterity
          • Test-Button for Quick Diagnostics
          • Quick LCD Read-out for Video Wall Status


          • Panel Size: Half Meter x Meter (19.6”x39.4”/500x1000mm)
          • Pixel Pitch: 3.9i/O
          • i-Indoor and O-Outdoor ≥IP65 Rated
          • Panel Weight: 17 Lbs (7.75 KG)
          • Die-Cast Aluminum Chassis
          • Flush Wall-Mount Option: All Parts Front Removable
          • 4-Step Quick Locking
          • Ground-Stacking or Rigging
          • Load-Bearing: 20 Panels
          Introducing the first OUTDOOR video wall panel option that we have added to our ever expanding warehouse inventory. The PNL1-i/o system is a robust LED panel that touts the latest LED outdoor technology, while still brilliant enough for INDOOR use.

          With these panels delivering the highest quality HD images by utilizing its 3.9mm pixel pitch and in combination with being IP67 rated, making the panels completely waterproof, there is no better choice for an outdoor video wall than the new PNL1-i/o video wall system.

          These are made for any outdoor event needing large/bright imagery for a big crowd, such as: professional racing, sporting events, festivals, concerts, public speaking, and more!
            WAL: PNL1-i/o

            3.9mm Outdoor/Indoor LED Video Wall Panels

              BRAND: W.A.L.


              • Professional racing
              • Sporting events
              • Festivals
              • Concerts
              • Public speaking
              • …and more!