Model: 561273

24-Port Gigabit

Ethernet Switch

 VX4S & VX4S-N

LED Display Video Controller


Live Production Switcher

BRAND: Black Magic Design

Shogun Studio 2

All-In-One 4K Video Scaler, Scan Converter, & Switcher

BRAND: Barco


All-In-One Video Scaler, Scan Converter, & Switcher

BRAND: Atomos

Black Magic Design: 
          ATEM TV Studio HD


8-Channel SDI / HDMI Switcher

The ATEM Television Studio HD is the first production switcher designed for both broadcasters and AV professionals. It includes 4 SDI and 4 HDMI inputs with re-sync on all inputs so you can use it with broadcast or consumer cameras.

ATEM Television Studio HD is packed with high end features! Simply plug in cameras, game consoles or computers and start switching live!

NovaStar:  MCTRL4K

REAL 4K LED Display Controller

The MCTRL4K is an LED display controller with an ultra-large loading capacity developed by NovaStar. A single unit features a loading capacity of up to 4096×2160@60Hz.

It supports any custom resolutions with a width or height up to 7680 pixels, meeting the on-site configuration requirements of ultra-long or ultra-wide LED displays.

The MCTRL4K comes with many industry-leading technologies such as HDR, individual gamma adjustment for RGB, low latency, 3D, and pixel level brightness and chroma calibration. These technologies improve the display brightness, grayscale and color performance, presenting more uniform, detailed and vivid images.

Converter & Distribution Boxes

Various Styles and Conversions

ImagePRO-II HD is an advanced high performance all-in-one video scaler, scan converter, switcher and transcoder converting any input signal format to any output format. ImagePRO-II HD supports Universal Analog, DVI single and dual link, HDMI, DisplayPort and SD/HD/3G SDI signal formats.

Loop-through outputs are provided for the Analog, DVI and SDI input and genlock signals. With features like HDCP and EDID management, USB backup and restore, multiple video effects and web page interface, ImagePRO-II HD is the most advanced and flexible signal processor in the rental and staging industry making it the best suitable solution for your live event.

Barco: ImagePRO-II HD

All-In-One Video Scaler, Scan Converter, & Switcher

The flexible new Shogun Studio 2 takes state of the art Atomos multi-channel recording technology and combines it with two premium 7” HDR 3000nit* high bright touchscreen displays, all in a single 3RU unit.

Its unique combination of features makes it perfect for live events, outside broadcast vehicles, production galleries and MCRs, post production facilities, video wall playout, on-set DITs and sports officiating. Connect to practically any SDI or HDMI source including camera channels, PTZ cameras and vision mixers.

Atomos: Shogun Studio 2

All-In-One 4K Video Scaler, Scan Converter, & Switcher

Product Features
  • Converts any input signal format to any output format
  • HDCP and EDID management
  • 12-bit processing
  • Resolution up to WQXGA (2560×1600)
  • Frame rate up to 120 Hz for 1080p
  • USB back-up and restore
  • Field replaceable DVI connectors
  • Inputs/Outputs:
Product Features
  • 4K, 1080p60 recording to popular professional codecs.
  • Utilize the 2 channels for dual codec, dual resolution recording.
  • Scheduled playback and record via Ethernet, Serial & on-screen.
  • Class leading monitors & test measurement for perfect 4K viewing & set up on built-in HD monitors.
  • Powerful & intuitive AtomOS offers one touch simplicity for any operator
  • Utilize the Atomos Master Caddy for reliable, affordable open standard media
  • Continuous built-in HDMI and SDI convertor with down scaling for 4K to 2K/HD to match your infrastructure.
  • Dual IEC c14 PSUs to integrate with your rack power distribution system.


  • Sports production
  • Security monitoring
  • Mobile production
  • Production studios
  • Conventions


BRAND: NovaStar


 Intellinet Network Solutions

BRAND: Neatgear Business


5-Port PoE Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch

Various Styles and Conversions Available:
  • Bi-Directional Converters
  • SDI ➔ HDMI Converters
  • HDMI ➔ SDI Converters
  • DVI ➔ HDMI Converters
Product Features
  • Extremely portable design
  • Front panel control
  • Software or hardware control
  • SDI and HDMI inputs
  • Professional SDI outputs
  • Built-in multi view
  • Powerful transitions
  • Professional 3G-SDI connections


  • Live Production
  • Episodic Television Programming
  • Web Shows
  • AV Events
  • Live coverage of Gaming Competitions
Product Features
  • Supports HDR function, both in HDR10 and HLG standards, which can greatly enhance the image quality of the display, presenting more clear and vivid
  • Supports individual Gamma adjustment for RGB when the bit depth of input source is 10-bit or 12-bit, which effectively controls image non-uniformity under low grayscale and white balance offset to improve image
  • Low latency: Less than 1 ms (when the start position of image is )
  • Supports 3D function when working with the 3D emitter EMT200 and 3D glasses, allowing you to experience 3D display
  • In multi-card mode, the MCTRL4K can be used as two controllers, allowing the images of two input sources to be displayed on the screen at the same

Converters & Distribution Boxes

BRAND: Various

  • Built-in 2D DVE
  • Includes talkback
  • Real time keyers
  • Professional audio mixer
  • Remote camera control
  • Aux SDI output
  • Extreme reliability

- Dual-link DVI/HDCP I/O

- 3Gbit HDSDI I/O


- DisplayPort/HDCP I/O

- Universal analog I/O

- Loop-through on DVI

- SDI & analog inputs

PlaybackPro Plus sets the standard for professional, high-definition, nonlinear media playback and is tailored to meet the unique demands of live-event experts. PlaybackPro Plus X is the expansion of the core PlaybackPro(X) feature set and adds a mixer for crossfades and direct cuts between clips, support for still images and remote control over ethernet with the new DT18 Multi-System Controller or TCP/UDP commands.

It makes professional media playback on a Mac quick and simple. By using the fully modernized 64bit Apple media engine, PlaybackPro Plus X has been optimized to play most modern Mac file types and UHD resolutions. The familiar and intuitive and modernized interface allows a user to rapidly add media, organize and play clips, set transition times, apply custom settings and save run lists for instant recall, all without altering the original files. The expanded yet flexible show controls allow users to quickly gain confidence and proficiency with the nonlinear function of PlaybackPro Plus X.

Connecting a PlaybackPro Plus X system is simple, too. By using modern Apple video adapters or third party broadcast converters, a Mac easily connects with high-resolution monitors, video walls, video projectors and professional switchers.

PlaybackPro+ X Features
  • Nonlinear media playback
  • Play most modern Mac file types
  • Clip ordering and play-listing, printable to paper and PDF
  • Resolution agnostic – SD, HD, 4K and beyond. Ideal for use in ultra-widescreen applications
  • Frame rate agnostic
  • Crossfade or cut between clips
  • Use still images
  • Remote control over ethernet with DT18 Multi-System Controller
  • Remote control over ethernet with TCP or UDP commands
  • Automatic output resolution and aspect ratio settings

= HD-SDI connections require 3rd party broadcast converters like                           BlackMagic Design or AJA mini converters. Video output devices like                   UltraStudio or T-Tap/Kona products are not compatible with                                       PlaybackPro X or PlaybackPro Plus X.

DT Video Labs:                                                    PlaybackPro+ X w/ UC40 Controller

Professional Media Playback & Single System Show Controller

Professional Media Playback & Single System Show Controller


BRAND: Various

BRAND: Decimator Design

BRAND: Black Magic Design


Mini Converter 

BRAND: Black Magic Design


Mini Converter 

BRAND: Black Magic Design

1X8 SDI Distribution

Mini Converter 



HDMI ⬅︎➡︎ SDI )

Bi-Directional Converter

  • HDMI Splitter
  • SDI Splitter
  • VGA Splitter
  • ...and more.
  • DVI ➔ SDI Converters
  • HDMI Distribution
  • SDI Distribution
  • VGA Distribution
Various Brands and Sizes Available:

Computer Monitors:

  • 15" Flat Panel Monitor
  • 17" VGA Video Monitor
LED Monitors & Displays

Various Brands and Sizes

Confidence Monitor Stands

FITS: Various Sizes

FITS: Various Sizes

BRAND: Apple


  • 55"
  • 70"
  • 80"


  • 42"
  • 46"
  • 50"


  • Samsung
  • Panasonic
  • Sharp
  • ...and more


Monitor Stands

FITS: Various Sizes


Wall Mounts

MacBooks & iPad Pros

BRAND: Various



Display Controller

BRAND: NovaStar



12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI Distribution Amplifier

L.E.D. Video Walls

Other items of interest...

The NOVASTAR VX4S is a professional and user friendly LED display controller and a powerful front end processor that supports multiple signal formats including DP / HDMI / VGA / DVI / CVBS / SDI, and up to 1920 x 1200p @60Hz input resolution.

Includes (4) RJ45 outputs for up to 2.6 million pixels of LED control, and supports Nova’s new generation point-by-point correction technology.

Product Features
  • User Friendly LED Display Controller
  • Powerful Front End Processor
  • Up to 1920 x 1200 p @60Hz Input Resolution
  • Multiple Video Signal Format Support
  • New Generation Point-By-Point Correction Technology
  • Cascade Multiple Units Together Via USB
NovaStar: VX4S & VX4S-N

LED Video Display Controller

12GDA is a miniature 1x6 12G-SDI reclocking distribution amplifier that allows facilities to save on cable runs and install times. With support for 12G-SDI for 4K/UltraHD single link workflows, the format agnostic device features six separately buffered SDI outputs identical to the recovered input.

It also offers automatic input detection, reclocking and cable equalization, as well as a throw down package and LED signal detection indicator.

Product Features
  • Compact 12G-SDI distribution
  • Six separately buffered outputs
  • Miniature size
  • 12G cable equalization (1694 coax)
  • 12 Gbps, 70m
  • 6 Gbps, 120m
  • 3 Gbps, 190m
  • 1.5 Gbps, 195m
  • 270 Mbps, 405m 
  • 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI input, auto sensing
  • Passes all ancillary data

12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI Distribution Amplifier

The Intellinet Network Solutions 24-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch (561273) offers an array of features while providing superior network throughput. It is very easy to set up and requires no configuration whatsoever.

Thanks to its desktop and 19" rackmount design, superior performance and value, the Intellinet Network Solutions 24-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch is the perfect choice.

Product Features
  • 10/100/1000 auto-sensing ports automatically detect optimal network speeds
  • Auto-MDIX (auto uplink) support for all RJ45 ports
  • For use on desktop or mounted in standard 19" rack
  • Supports NWay auto-negotiation
  • Store and forward switching architecture
  • Full/half duplex operation
  • Supports 802.3x flow control for full duplex mode and collision-based back pressure for half duplex mode
  • Green Ethernet power-saving technology deactivates unused ports and adjusts power levels based on the cable length
  • Complies with the IEEE 802.3az (Energy Efficient Ethernet EEE) specification
  • 48 Gbps switch fabric
  • Supports jumbo frames up to 9 kBytes
  • Supports 16k MAC address entries
  • 512 kBytes buffer memory
  • Supports MAC address auto-learning and auto-aging
  • Fanless design ideal for silent operation
  • Includes 19" rackmount brackets
  • Fully NDAA-compliant
Intellinet Network Solutions:                          Model: 561273

24-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

NETGEAR 300Series Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switches provide easy, reliable, and affordable network connectivity for home and small offices. With these unmanaged plug-and-play switches, you can expand your network connections to multiple devices instantly.

The GS305 with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) provides power and data from a single Ethernet (CAT-5) cable to devices such as IP cameras, VoIP/Internet-based phones, wireless access points, etc.

Product Features
  • Auto-MDI/MDIX eliminates the need for crossover cables
  • LED indicators for ease of use
  • Energy- efficient technology for power savings
  • Fan-less design for silent
  • Auto-negotiation for automatic connection at the highest common speed between switch and an end device
  • Non-blocking switching architecture for maximum throughput at wire speed
  • 802.1p QoS for traffic/frame prioritization
  • Plug-and-play; no setup required
  • Durable and rugged metal case
  • Desktop or wall-mountable (5, 8, 16-port models); GS324 is desktop, wall-mountable, and rack-mountable (rack-mount kit included); GS348 is rack- mountable (rack-mount kit included)
  • Ideal for small office and home networks
  • Standards-based technology ensures interoperability with any standards- based devices in the existing network
Netgear: GS305v3

5-Port PoE Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch

BRAND: DT Video Labs


w/ UC40

The 40 key PlaybackPro Plus USB controller provides quick and accurate access to all PlaybackPro Plus show controls, certain navigation controls and clip settings at the touch of a button. For use with PlaybackPro Plus 3.x software. 

The UC40 was built for single system PlaybackPro Plus control. The buttons for clip setup and show control are color coded and easily accessible for all essential functions.

UC40 Controller Specs
  • Weight: 1lb 8.8oz, .7kg
  • Height: 1.5", 3.81cm
  • Depth: 7.25", 18.41cm
  • Width: 8.25", 20.95cm
DT Video Labs: UC40 Controller

Single System Show Controller

UC40 Controller Features
  • 40 buttons for clip setup and show control
  • Buttons color coded for ease of accessibility
  • Looping for individual clips or entire playlist
  • Goto 10, Goto 20 and Goto 30 buttons for cue-to-cue rehearsals
  • Infinite image adjustability through sizing, stretching and cropping
  • Complete adjustment controls for individual clip gain levels, black levels, saturation, gamma and volume
  • Looping for individual clips or entire playlist
  • In-point and out-point markers
  • Custom Fade In and Fade Out settings
  • Time-elapsed and Time-remaining counters
  • Selectable slate image for quick visual clip identification
  • Goto 10, Goto 20 and Goto 30 buttons for cue-to-cue rehearsals
  • Easy interfacing with high-resolution switchers via VGA, DVI, HDMI or SDI⍟
Control Connections
  • (1) RJ45 LAN for IP Based Control
  • (4) RJ45 Outputs for up to 2.6 million Pixels of LED Control
  • (2) USB Type A and (2) USB Type B Ports (1 set on each side)
  • (1) 1/8 inch (3.5mm) Audio Input
  • Video Input: (1) DP / (1) HDMI / (2) VGA / (1) DVI / (2) CVBS / (1) SDI
  • Video Output: (1) DVI Loop / (1) DVI / (1) VGA / (1) SDI Loop
  • Locking IEC Power Input
  • Concerts
  • Live events
  • Security monitoring
  • Olympic Games
  • Various Sports Centers
  • ...and more!
Control Specs
  • Ultra Large Capacity, Resolution 4K x 2K@60Hz
  • Resolution up to 8K width
  • Detailed control of Video Walls via LCTMars PC-Software or SmartLCT
  • Mac OS X Software
  • Multiple Video Inputs
  • Multiple Outputs : 16 RJ 45 Ports  & 4 Optical output ports
  • Screen Configuration via Web Interface
  • Wireless Remote Control• Can be cascaded via USB or GenLock for huge screens


& Screens

BRAND: Various

Video Accessories

BRAND: Various

Package Ideas

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