Product Features
  • Bundles 4 EZpin fixtures and 1 IRC-6 remote into an easily transportable VIP gear bag perfect for the mobile entertainer
  • Battery-powered LED pin spots, perfect for lighting centerpieces, cakes, and focal points
  • Magnetic base affixes to most metal surfaces, eliminating the need for clamps
  • Scissor Clip with eye loop easily attaches to drop ceiling supports, for quick setup and cable management
  • Wireless on/off operation is available with the included IRC-6 remote
  • Achieve versatile lighting looks with the included variable white gels


  • Lighting Centerpieces
  • Illuminating Wedding Cakes
  • Focal Points of Interest
  • …and more.

BRAND: Lycian

BRAND: Lycian

EZPin Pack-4

Battery-PWR LED Pin Spots

BRAND: Chauvet DJ

BRAND: Lycian

Product Features
  • High-output inexpensive Fresnels
  • Lightweight extruded aluminum body
  • 1000W and 2000W
  • Vented lens door
  • Smooth and concise spot-to-flood adjustment
  • All handles thermally insulated
  • Barndoor optional extra
  • Supplied ln black finish with mounting yoke with C-clamp, and 3' (0.9m) power cable with bare leads or connector specified
  • Can be used for 220V operation
  • UL/cUL approved
Chauvet Professional: 
          Ovation E-910FC

ME” Micro Ellipse

Mini Ellipsoidal Spotlight

BRAND: Altman


LED Ellipsoidal/Spot Fixture

The Ovation E-910FC is a high-performance ERS-style fixture with full RGBA-Lime color mixing and Color Temperature presets of 2800 to 6500 K that match the output of a tungsten source to perfection. 

Control options include full 16-bit dimming (per color and master), selectable PWM, RDM and onboard dimming curve selection. Also accessible is our Virtual Color Wheel which matches popular gel colors.

The Comet Followspot is a ruggedly constructed medium to long throw followspot that produces a narrow, hard, or soft edged beam which can zoom from 2.3 degrees to 12.2 degrees.

With top mounted iris, shutter, and dimmer control handles, this easy-to-use followspot is designed to use the unique high performance FLE, ENX, and FXL quartz halogen lamps.

The Comet can be used in any application where manual control of a lighting beam is required to follow a performer and to vary beam size, quality, and color.

360/410 Watt Followspot

Source Four combines the energy-saving power of the patented HPL lamp, with a dichroic reflector and optical-quality lenses, for the coolest beam on the market. That means your gels, patterns and shutters last longer and your performance space stays cooler.

No other light offers such optical brilliance. Source Four's revolutionary technology gives you a clean white beam for unequaled imaging, crisp pattern projection, and a bright, even field. The EDLT lens tube option for 19º, 26º, 36º and 50º field angles makes the Source Four even better for ultra-crisp, high-contrast gobo projections.

ETC: Source Four 750

Ellipsoidal/Spot Fixture

The Altman 2000L Fresnel Light serves as a 2000W key, large backlight, or kicker. This 2000 watt standing and manually controlled Fresnel features a front door with spring action top accessory ear, a 25' cable with in-line switch, a 7" short focus lens, safety screen, tubular steel yoke with a pipe clamp, cord wrap, and a hinged filter frame.

Extremely powerful, the 2000L provides a beam of 223 foot-candles 6' in diameter from 30' at full spot, and 61 foot-candles 34' in diameter from 30' at full flood. This fixture is equipped for 120 Volt AC operation. 

Compact Fresnel Spotlight

Chauvet DJ: EZPin Pack-4

Battery-Powered LED Pin Spots

Lycian: Super Arc 400 “1266”

Mid-Range, High Intensity Follow Spotlight

Benefits of the Lycian 1290 XLT model included the powerful long throw produced by the Xenon lamp and the overall ease of operation of this fixture. This followspot comes in two parts - the head assembly, complete with electronic power supply (for easy removal for maintenance), and the base/yoke assembly.

Lycian: 1290 XLT

2kW Xenon Long Throw Followspot

Lycian: Starklite 1271

1200w HMI Metal Halide Followspot

Compact Fresnel spotlight with a smooth, soft-edged beam. With medium pre-focus socket. Uses 1000W and 2000W lamps.

Strand: Fresnelite 8'' # 3480

Compact Fresnel Spotlight

Product Features
  • Provides 6ft, 223 foot-candle, beam at 30' from full spot setting
  • Provides 34ft, 61 foot-candle, beam at 30' from full flood setting
  • Stylish, durable, and efficient
  • Front door and 25' cable with heavy duty in-line switch
  • 175mm Standard focus lens, with safety screen
  • Fits standard 5/8" studs, accepts all standard 9" accessories, and includes filter frame
  • "F/S EZ Glide System" allows tray assembly to easily flood and spot
  • Die-cast aluminum construction
  • Ribbed design for strength and ventilation


  • Theatres
  • Stage Performances
  • House of Worship
  • Touring
  • ...and more!
Product Features
  • 5º, 10º, 14º, 19º, 26º, 36º, 50º, 70º and 90º field angles
  • Rated up to 750W
  • Super-efficient HPL lamp
  • Faceted dichroic reflector removes 90% of IR heat from beam
  • Interchangeable lens tubes
  • Rotating barrel ± 25º
  • Three-plane stainless-steel shutter blade assembly
  • Tool-free lamp adjustment
  • Insulated rear handle
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum construction
  • Supports Dimmer Doubling™

Lamp Specs

  • 750W maximum
  • HPL — compact tungsten filament lamp
  • Patented filament geometry makes for extremely efficient light collection and transmission
  • Integral die cast aluminum heat sink lamp base
Product Features
  • Sheet steel and die-cast aluminum construction
  • Top operated framing, iris, and dimmer controls
  • Spring loaded self-canceling color boom with douser
  • Dual adjustable lenses Positive locking pan and tilt adjustment
  • Adjustable castered stand with cable hook included
  • High performance lamp
  • Removable 25-foot power cable
  • Weight: 91.5 lbs. / 41.6 kg (fixture/stand - approximate)
  • cETLus listed for indoor use up to 410 Watts
  • Made in the USA


  • Small to Medium Stage Performances
  • Galas/Balls
  • Medium Schools
  • Professional Entertainment: Medium to Long throw
Altman: Comet
Altman: 2000L Fresnel
Product Features
  • Maximum Throw: 260 ft
  • Single lever continuous lens system
  • Large flood to spot ratio
  • 400W HTI lamp

Physical Specs

  • Head length: 32.5"
  • Head height: 17"
  • Height w/Base: 57.5"
  • Head weight: 93 lbs.
  • Base weight: 41 lbs.


BRAND: Altman

BRAND: Chauvet Professional

Source Four 750

  Ellipsoidal/Spot Fixture

BRAND: Altman

The Lycian Super Arc 400 Model 1266 is the accepted standard mid-range, high intensity follow spotlight. The 1266 gives a powerful, tight head spot at 150'. It has horizontal trim shutters and nichrome Iris.

Product Features
  • Compatible w/Altman Smart Track™
  • Track, Canopy, Stem and Unistrut options
  • 25°-50° Zoom Optics
  • Attractive extruded aluminum housing
  • Tool free lamp centering
  • Push-on type two-pin ceramic socket 
  • Dimmable 75W, 12V short circuit and thermal protected electronic transformer
  • Color frame and safety cable included U.L., c.U.L., ETL, cETL or CE listed for 75 watts.
  • Made in the USA

The Micro Ellipse is a lightweight framing spotlight with variable focus ability. Beam angles range approximately from 10° to 35° and field angles from 25° to 50°.

Utilizing the long life, low wattage and cost efficient family of MR-16 dichroic reflector lamps these units are ideal for architectural and display applications. Integral to the unit is a slot which will accept a pattern holder, optional dual gobo rotator, or beam reducing templates.

Altman: “ME” Micro Ellipse

Mini Ellipsoidal Spotlight

Accent lighting and pin spotting with battery-powered EZpin Pack-4 makes lighting centerpieces, cakes, and other event space focal-points easier than ever. EZpin Pack 4 bundles four EZpin fixtures and one IRC-6 remote into an easily transportable VIP gear bag; perfect for mobile entertainers and event producers.

Each light has a magnetic base that affixes to most metal surfaces, eliminating the need for clamps. No metal surfaces? No problem! Easily attach the lights to drop ceiling supports or air wall frames using CHAUVET DJ Scissor Clip. You can even control the units remotely with the included IRC-6 remote.


Product Features
  • Full Color LED (RGBAL) ERS-style lighting fixture for theatre, film and production
  • Ultra smooth 16-bit dimming of master dimmer and individual colors
  • Flat, even field of light with superior color mixing
  • Virtual Color wheel with color matched to popular gel colors
  • Color Temperature Presets from 2800 K to 6500 K with high CRI & CQS
  • RDM (Remote Device Management) for added flexibility
  • Adjustable PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to avoid flickering on camera
  • Virtually silent operation for use in studio and theatre applications
  • Works perfectly with industry standard lens tubes and accessories
  • Optical Light Source: 
      - 91 LEDs (18 red, 18 green, 19 blue, 18 amber, 18 lime green)
      - 3 W, (722 mA)
      - 6031 K
      - 50,000 hours life expectancy
Product Features
  • 2000W Xenon lamp
  • Self-contained power supply
  • Single unit chassis construction for stable optical alignment
  • Center mounted 6-color boomerang, uses industry standard color frame for gels and dichroics
  • Single lever trombone intensifies the beam as the diameter is reduced
  • Operable from either side via dual controls and reversible boomerang
  • (4) Follow / Carrying handles
  • Folding 3 leg base and yoke assembly
  • Ammeter and control for lamp current
  • Hours meter


  • Large Theatres
  • Stadiums / Domes
  • Arenas
  • Amphitheaters

The Lycian Stage Lighting StarkLite 1271 1,200 Watt H.M.I. Followspot is one of the most reliable and well-known fixtures in the entertainment industry. The unit operates using a high reactance magnetic ballast utilizing standard single phase 120 volt A/C power. Standard with 6 frame color changer, iris, and dousing mechanism.

Product Features
  • Quiet operation
  • All controls on rear & side, (not top where they would be difficult to operate)
  • Balanced for perfect weight distribution at any operating angle
  • Rear operated fader
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Rear operated nichrome heavy duty iris
  • Heavy gauge cold rolled steel & extruded aluminum housing


  • Galas / Fundraisers
  • Stage Performances
  • Touring
  • TV / Film Making
  • …and more!

2000L Fresnel

  Compact Fresnel Spotlight

Ovation E-910FC

  LED Ellipsoidal/Spot Fixture






Super Arc 400 “1266”

Mid-Range, High Intensity Follow Spotlight

1290 XLT

2,000w Xenon Lamp

Long Throw Followspot

Starklite 1271

1200w HMI 

Metal Halide Followspot


360w/410w Halogen, Med. to Long Throw Followspot

Fresnelite 8"

  Compact Fresnel Spotlight

BRAND: Strand Lighting

( Pack-4 & IRC Models Available )

  • Smaller Stage Performances
  • Medium Schools
  • Professional Entertainment: Short to Medium throw 
  • Truss-Mounts Followspots



- 91 LEDs (18 red, 18 green, 19 blue, 18 amber, 18 lime green

Available Lens Angles
  • 5° lens
  • 10° lens
  • 14° lens
  • 19° lens
  • 26° lens
  • 36° lens
  • 50° lens
Dynamic Effects
  • Dimmer: Electronic
  • Shutter/Strobe: Electronic
  • Focus: Manual Strobe Rate: 0 to 28 Hz
  • Standalone Color Mixing: Yes
  • Color Temperature Presets: Yes
  • Dim Modes: 4
  • Built-in Automated Programs: Yes
  • 19° lens
  • 26° lens
  • 36° lens
Available Lens Angles
  • 5° lens
  • 10° lens
  • 14° lens
  • 50° lens
  • 70° lens
  • 90° lens
  • Museums
  • Weddings / Galas
  • Stage / Restaurant
  • Intimate Architectural Venues
  • Small to Medium spaces
  • Stage Spot lighting
  • Streaming Web Presentations
  • Small Television Studios
  • Educational
  • In-House Industrial/Commercial Facilities