Product Features
  • Pocket sized at 60mm x 73.7mm x 23mm
  • (2.4”x2.9”x0.9”)
  • USB provides for power, control and firmware upgrades
  • Low power
  • Supports 3G Level A & B and allows conversion between both
  • This unit includes a Power Supply and USB Cable (HDMI cable not included)
  • Features the following modes:
Product Features
  • Easily adjust continuous haze output from light to heavy
  • High Output mode to quickly build haze base
  • Built-in blower for broad and even dispersion
  • Local control via full color touch display
  • Multi-verse wireless control
  • Built road tough
  • Tank light to easily identify fluid level


  • Theatres
  • Arenas
  • House of Worship
  • Touring
  • Concert Venues


  Digital Lighting Console

BRAND: High End Systems 


Digital Lighting Console


BRAND: High End Systems

 Mirage Q6 PAK


Event Up-Lighting System


21k Laser Projector

BRAND: Panasonic

SolaFrame 750

Automated Luminaire

BRAND: High End Systems


  Digital Mixing Console

BRAND: Midas

MLA Compact

Line Array System

BRAND: Martin Audio




Bi-Directional Converter

BRAND: Decimator Design


  Digital Mixing Console

BRAND: Midas

SolaPix 7

Automated RGBW Luminaire

BRAND: High End Systems


Product Features
  • Compact footprint, powerful output
  • Four full-curtain framing shutters
  • 6°–50° zoom
  • Rotating gobo wheel
  • Fully continuous animation wheel
  • CMY/CTO- linear color mixing
  • Replaceable color wheel
  • Iris
  • Three-facet prism
  • Frost
  • Three active cooling modes
  • Patented Lens Defogger
Panasonic: PT RZ21K

Shogun Studio 2

HDR Dual Monitor Rackmount Recorder


The following are some of the newer items that we have added to our ever-expanding inventory:


  Performance Hazer

BRAND: High End Systems  

3-Chip 21k DLP Laser Projector

The PT-RZ21K Series is the world’s first 20,000 lm laser projector to feature a filterless cooling system and shielded optical unit, delivering unassailable reliability in dusty conditions. Handling is effortless with just two technicians.

With 20,000-hour maintenance-free operation and software for expedited multi-screen mapping calibration, the rugged yet lightweight PT-RZ21K Series delivers class-beating color reproduction with dramatically reduced running costs, making it the new first choice for event professionals..

High End Systems: Mirage Q6 PAK

All-In-One Event Up-Lighting System

Each Mirage Q6 IP fixture is powered by four (4) 10W RGBA LEDs that produce an 11-degree beam angle, making it ideal for wall washing.


They are all fitted with an integral carry handle, built-in feet, and a built-in kickstand which allows the beam to be easily angled inwards towards a wall if required. This creates a more intense wash and minimizes light spill onto the ceiling above.

Each fixture has an alarm system with on/off controls. If someone picks up the fixture with the alarm system on, the fixture will make a beeping sound and strobe in red.

The Hog4 embraces the latest technology while retaining the familiar control surface of previous generations. Programmers will power through cueing sessions using multi-touch monitors, high resolution encoders, jog shuttle wheel, LCD keys and motorized faders.

Conveniences such as integrated accessory arm mounts, storage drawers and keyboard, dual color surface work lights and reading lights make Hog4 the programmers choice!

Digital Lighting Console

Martin Audio’s revolutionary award-winning Multi-cellular Loudspeaker Array [MLA] technology is reinventing the way loudspeaker arrays are configured and controlled delivering unsurpassed audience coverage and consistency without compromise to fidelity.

MLA Compact brings this revolutionary technology to medium scale touring and premium fixed installations ranging from musical theatres and concert halls to Houses of Worship and auditoriums. The versatile and scalable MLA Compact has received multiple awards for innovation and delivers performance, control and coverage consistency that brings the sound engineer and audience together in a more powerful, involving experience.

Martin Audio: MLA Compact

• Multi-Cellular Loudspeaker Line Array System

The Midas M32 digital mixing desk brings cutting-edge Midas innovation to the world of medium-format consoles. Loaded with 32 premium Midas preamps, 25 time-aligned and phase-coherent DSP mix buses, brilliant DSP processing and routing, and massive expansion options, the M32 is an ideal foundation for moderate venues and professional touring rigs.

Add to that a sense of ergonomics that makes it one of the easiest digital boards to get around, and there's no wonder the Midas M32 is one of the most popular mixers of its class we've ever seen.

Midas: M32

40-channel Digital Mixing Console

The M32R combines a control surface with streamlined workflow, extensive I/O and signal processing into a compact desktop form factor. Employing award- winning Midas PRO Series microphone preamplifiers and the custom-designed Midas PRO motorized faders that are rated for one million cycles, along with a daylight-viewable TFT screen, the control surface is designed to allow immediate access to critical functions with total and automatic recall of settings.

Extensive onboard I/O includes 40 A/D and 24 D/A Cirrus Logic converters, 96 bi-directional channels over SuperMAC AES50, stereo AES/EBU out, 16 channels of ULTRANET personal monitoring and 32 x 32 channels of recording over USB..

Digital Rack Mixing Console

Decimator Design: MD-LX

HDMI / SDI Bi-Directional Converter

High End Systems: HQ-100

Performance Hazer

High End Systems: HedgeHog4

Digital Lighting Console

With its small footprint and next generation brightness, the SolaPix 7 wash fixture from High End Systems takes the traditional concept of a pixel wash and pushes it to its maximum potential. Whether used to spread color all over a ballroom, tradeshow floor or concert stage, the bright and punchy output will envelope your production with beautiful saturated color.

High End Systems: SolaPix 7

Automated RGBW LED Luminaire (Wash)

The flexible new Shogun Studio 2 takes state of the art Atomos multi-channel recording technology and combines it with two premium 7” HDR 3000nit* high bright touchscreen displays, all in a single 3RU unit.


Connect to practically any SDI or HDMI source including camera channels, PTZ cameras and vision mixers.

ATOMOS: Shogun Studio 2

HDR Dual Monitor Rackmount Recorder

Featuring a small footprint but a huge feature set, SolaFrame 750 is a perfect fit for small to medium-sized venues, and its 11,300 lumens can easily cut through the competition.

The most compact framing fixture in the Sola Series family of automated tools, SolaFrame 750 is available in Ultra-Bright and High CRI versions and offers the widest array of effects currently available in a fixture of its size.

High End Systems: SolaFrame 750

Automated Luminaire (Spot)

Product Features
  • 4 x 10-Watt RGBA LEDs
  • (4-in-1 - Red, Green, Blue & Amber)
  • 50,000 Hour Average Life*
  • Built-in WiFLY EXR wireless DMX: Up to 2,500 feet (760M)
  • Battery Transceiver
  • 64 built-in Color Macros
  • Flicker Free Operation
  • Motion-Activated Alarm Feature
Product Features
  • Rich, vibrant sound from 16 Midas preamps
  • Incredibly strong yet lightweight, thanks to carbon fiber, aluminum, and steel construction
  • Outstanding signal path with 48kHz digital conversion
  • Impeccable sound quality throughout your signal path, with time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses
  • Best-in-class motorized faders rated at over 1 million life cycles
  • 32 channels of live recording and playback via a pre-installed Klark Teknik DN32-LIVE expansion module


  • Live Sound
  • Broadcast
  • Post Production
  • Live & Studio Recording
Product Features
  • Up to 40 simultaneous input channels
  • 32 award-winning Midas PRO microphone preamplifiers
  • 25 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses
  • AES50 networking allows up to 96 inputs and 96 outputs
  • 32 bi-directional channels of live recording/playback on dual SD/SDHC (cards not included)
  • Up to 3 hours of 32 channel PCM recording in one session - stored as uncompressed WAV files
  • High-performance carbon fibre, aluminum and high-impact steel structure
  • 40 bit floating point digital signal processing
  • 8 DCA and 6 mute groups
  • 8 digital signal processing effects engines
  • 25 Midas PRO motor faders
  • Daylight viewable 7" full color TFT display screen
  • 32 x 32 channel USB 2.0 audio interface
  • DAW remote control emulations of Mackie Control and HUI protocols


  • Moderate Sized Venues
  • Touring Rigs
MLA Compact Loudspeaker Features:
  • Numerically optimized, fully-integrated, compact touring sound system
  • Cellular array format with built-in amplification, DSP and digital networking
  • 5 dedicated Class D amplifier channels per enclosure for individual powering and DSP control of individual cells
  • Industry leading DISPLAY2.1 intelligent software interacts with onboard DSP for highly accurate array optimization Eliminates trial-and-error array preset library approximations
  • “Fly-by-wire” software adjusts vertical coverage electronically to cope with changing environmental conditions and last minute changes in rigging height. “Hard-avoid” areas, such as on-stage, ceilings and site perimeter, can be programmed in
  • Switched mode power supplies with PFC (Power Factor Correction) and global mains voltage operation
  • Three-way design delivers LF/MF/HF peak SPL’s of 135/135/135dB @ 1m from a single, compact enclosure
  • Fast, integral flying system for suspension of up to 24 enclosures
  • True 100° (-6dB) horizontal constant directivity, mid and high frequency pattern control. Consistent and usable out to 130° (-10dB)
  • 65Hz–18kHz ± 3dB full bandwidth frequency response
Product Features
  • Robust Hog 4 OS operating system
  • 5 high-resolution parameter encoders
  • Built-in tri-axis backlit trackball with cursor and parameter control functions
  • 10 master playbacks with motorized faders and master control 
  • keys
  • Dual 18.5 in multi-touch screens, tilt adjustable
  • Up to three external DisplayPort monitors, with touch or
  • multi-touch
  • 8,192 output channels, expandable with DMX Processors
  • (HPU or DP8K)
  • 8 Neutrik XLR-5 DMX outputs
  • sACN and Art-Net
  • MIDI In, Out and Thru
  • Dual EtherCon connections for HogNet and FixtureNet
  • Integral keyboard drawer and storage drawer
  • Accessory arm mounts, one arm and VESA mount
  • bracket included
  • Two blue/white desk lamps included


  • Large stadium shows
  • Theme park installations
  • Concert tours
High End Systems: Hog4
Midas: M32R
•MLA Compact

Multi-Cellular Line Array Loudspeaker

MLA Compact Applications:

  • Premium touring sound reinforcement for medium-size venues
  • Fixed installations in concert halls, theatres, ballrooms and HoW
  • Side hang for MLA festival and arena systems
MLA Compact Loudspeaker Pictures:
    MLX Features:
    • Ultra-high output subwoofer with onboard Class D
    • amplification. DSP and networking
    • Hybrid horn/reflex loading for maximum acoustic efficiency
    • and low frequency extension
    • Dual ultra-long excursion 18” (460mm)/4.5” (115mm) voice
    • coil neodymium drivers
    • Switched mode power supply with PFC (Power Factor
    • Correction) and global mains voltage operation
    • Forward or rear-facing operation
    • Designed to meet IP24 environmental rating

    MLX Applications:

    • Outdoor festivals
    • Stadiums, arenas and theatres
    • Concert halls
    • Premium fixed installations
    MLX Pictures:

      Hybrid® Horn/Reflex Subwoofer

      The MLX is a very high performance subwoofer with onboard amplification, DSP and networking. Capable of more than 150dB peak output at 1m, it is the ultimate subwoofer for large scale tours, festivals and installations. Class-leading output levels are achieved by combining Hybrid® horn/reflex loading with IPAL driver and amplifier technology.

      Product Features
      • Additive LED, RGBW color mixing system for extremely powerful saturated colors and tunable white control
      • Extremely efficient optical system provides market leading lumens
      • Versatile 4.5° - 60° zoom
      • Patent Pending Halographic Pixel Definition
      • FleX Effects Engine Macro control
      • Complete Pixel Mapping
      • Patent Pending lens coating technology
      • Modular control with Artnet, sACN in addition to simultaneous DMX control
      • Individual addressing for Base, FleX, and Pixel control


      • Live concerts
      • Trade-Shows
      • Festivals
      • Industrial shows
      Product Features
      • 4K, 1080p60 recording to popular professional codecs.
      • Utilize the 2 channels for dual codec, dual resolution recording.
      • Scheduled playback and record via Ethernet, Serial & on-screen.
      • Class leading monitors & test measurement for perfect 4K viewing & set up on built-in HD monitors.
      • Powerful & intuitive AtomOS offers one touch simplicity for any operator
      • Utilize the Atomos Master Caddy for reliable, affordable open standard media
      • Continuous built-in HDMI and SDI convertor with down scaling for 4K to 2K/HD to match your infrastructure.
      • Dual IEC c14 PSUs to integrate with your rack power distribution system.


      • Video Wall Playout
      • Conventions
      • Live Events
      • Sports production
      Product Features
      • (2) Onboard DMX Universes
      • (4) Onboard DMX Universes - ArtNet sACN (eNode4TM)
      • 12-Inch Multi-Touch LCD Display
      • (10) Playback Faders
      • (12) User Keys (Non-LCD)
      • (4) Encoders Wheels
      • Dual Purpose Grand Master Fader
      • Grand Master Controller Keys (DBO & Flash)
      • Hog 4 Programming Surface
      • Softkeys for Quick Toolbar Selection
      • 256GB Internal Solid State Hard Disk Drive
      • Linux Operating System - Upgradable
      • Auto-Ranging Main Input (90-240VAC)
      • Light Converse Visualizer Software and Dongle Key


      • Smaller venues
      • School theaters
      • Nightclubs
      • Corporate events
      • Medium-scale rental events
      • Houses of worship


      Product Features
      • Laser 3-chip DLP, 21,000 lumens (center), WUXGA
      • Lamp-free laser projection with dust resistant liquid cooling system for 20,000 hours maintenance free operation
      • Geometric Manager Pro, color matching and edge blending
      • Quick Start and Quick Off
      • Laser Safety Guaranteed
      • Built-in Geometric Adjustment
      • Multi-Unit Brightness and Color Control
      • Real maintenance-free projection with filter-less design and no need for smoke-filter
      • Un-interrupted projection with dual-light source and built in redundancy inputs
      • Multi-screen Support System
      • Art-Net DMX, Crestron Connected™, and PJLink™
      • DICOM Simulation Mode
      • Waveform Monitor Function
      • Power Management Reduces Downtime
      • Conventions / Trade-Shows
      • Production rental companies
      • Small to medium-sized performance venues
      • Cruise ships and themed entertainment

      The HQ-100 produces beautifully translucent theatrical haze for performance spaces ranging from small theatres to large scale concert and arena shows. It features continuous output of haze (if desired), and is fully adjustable for light to heavy atmospheric coverage.

      A unique High Output mode allows for rapid hazing of any venue without timing cues or waiting for full haze coverage, and the HQ-100’s built-in blower provides broad and even haze particulate dispersion.

      • Award shows
      • Studios
      • Theatre
      • Corporate events
      • Mobile production
      • Production studios
      • MCRs
      • ...and more!
      • Indoor / Outdoor Wall Washing
      • Ballrooms / Theatres
      • Art Shows / Private Events
      • Weddings / Galas
      • Nightclubs and retail installations
      • Studio & Film
      • Houses of worship
      • ...and more!


      Automated Luminaire

      BRAND: High End Systems



      3.9mm Outdoor/Indoor

      LED Video Wall Panels

      BRAND: W.A.L.


      SKY W-DMX

      Wireless IP65 Rated

      LED Outdoor Fixture 6-Pack

      BRAND: Blizzard

      1290 XLT

      2,000 Watt Xenon

      Long Throw Followspot

      BRAND: Lycian

      Introducing the first OUTDOOR video wall panel option that we have added to our ever expanding warehouse inventory. The PNL1-i/o system is a robust LED panel that touts the latest LED outdoor technology, while still brilliant enough for INDOOR use.

      With these panels delivering the highest quality HD images by utilizing its 3.9mm pixel pitch and in combination with being IP67 rated, making the panels completely waterproof, there is no better choice for an outdoor video wall than the new PNL1-i/o video wall system.

      These are made for any outdoor event needing large/bright imagery for a big crowd, such as: professional racing, sporting events, festivals, concerts, public speaking, and more!

      Product Features
      • Die-Cast Aluminum Chassis for Rigidity and Strength
      • UltraHDR Broadcast-Grade Chipset for Astounding IMAG On-Camera Performance
      • Nova / Brompton / MegaPixelVR Compatible for the Industry Leading Image Quality
      • Complete Front Service for Flush Wall-Mount: 
           - Mount Video Wall Panels Flush Against the Wall
           - No Need for a 4" Space Between Back-wall and Panels
      • Large Handles Designed for Grip, Comfort, and Ambidexterity
      • Test-Button for Quick Diagnostics
      • Quick LCD Read-out for Video Wall Status
      WAL: PNL1-i/o

      3.9mm Outdoor/Indoor LED Video Wall Panels

      The option for battery powered and W-DMX wireless built-in is now available in the TOURnado™ IP65 rated series of LED outdoor fixtures with the TOURnado™ SKY W-DMX. It has same exceptional quality that all Blizzard outdoor fixtures have and features super bright RGBAW+UV color mixing and a wide 25° beam angle.

      And, like the other lights in our TOURnado™ line, it also sports a convection cooled cast aluminum housing with a tempered glass lens, watertight internal gaskets, and unique twist and lock weatherproof power and data cable in/out connections.

      Product Features
      • RGBAW+UV color mixing via 7x 15W 6-in-1 LEDs
      • LED control panel with 4 touch sensitive electronic buttons
      • 25° beam angle • 395-400nM ultraviolet light output
      • 2.4Ghz built-in wireless W-DMX receiver
      • Intelion™ lithium-ion battery system
      • 3 battery power modes
      • Variable electronic dimming & strobe
      • Built-in color & chase macros via DMX
      • Built-in automated programs via master/slave
      • RGBAW+UV color mixing ability in standalone mode
      • Convection cooled cast aluminum housing
      • Dual mounting brackets for positioning flexibility
      • Flicker-free constant-current 500MA LED driver
      • IP rated locking power and 3-pin DMX connections
      • RGBAW+UV (6-Ch), RGBAW+UV & Strobe (7-Ch), Dim,
      • RGBAW+UV & Strobe (8-Ch), & Extended w/32-bit dimming (11-Ch) DMX Profiles


      • Power

                     • Operating Voltage: 100-264VAC, 47/63 Hertz

                     • Power Consumption: 38W Amp: .57 Pf: .59

      • Light Source

                     • 7x15W RGBAW+UV 6-in-1LEDs 100,000 hours

      • Optical

                     • Beam Angle: 25 degree beam angle

                     • Luminous Intensity:

      • Thermal

                     • Max. Operating Temp.: 104° F (40° C) ambient

      Blizzard: TOURnado SKY W-DMX

      Wireless IP65 Rated LED Outdoor Fixture 6-Pack

      The High End Systems Lonestar brings the renowned brightness, quality, and performance of our bright white LED framing fixtures in a more compact package. With more than 15,400 lumens and a rich feature set, Lonestar is a perfect addition to lighting systems in theatres, television studios, cruise ships, and other small to medium sized venues.

      The luminaire’s rich colors, powerful zoom, full curtain framing, diffusion, and prism effects make Lonestar a versatile and affordable tool for designers who want maximum performance from a compact-sized automated fixture.

      Product Features
      • Bright white LED engine
      • 290 W Ultra-Bright engine
      • Fixture output exceeding 15,400 lumens
      • High quality 13-lens optic system
      • Extremely powerful 3.8°–55° zoom
      • CMY color mixing system
      • Electronic linear CCT mixing control
      • Ten position plus open color wheel
      • Full-curtain framing system for total control of beam shaping
      • 16-blade iris for extremely tight beam effects
      • Two diffusion Light and Medium system with additional, optional heavy diffusion
      • Nine position plus open Rotating Gobo Wheel
      • Dual prisms for compound beam and projection effects
      • Linearly insertable rotating animation wheel


      • Houses of worship
      • Nightclubs
      • Small to medium-sized performance venues
      • Tradeshow and Ballroom AV
      • Studio and film
      • Cruiseships and themed entertainment
      High End Systems: Lonestar

      Automated Luminaire (Spot)

      Benefits of the Lycian 1290 XLT model included the powerful long throw produced by the Xenon lamp and the overall ease of operation of this fixture. This followspot comes in two parts - the head assembly, complete with electronic power supply (for easy removal for maintenance), and the base/yoke assembly.

      Product Features
      • 2000W Xenon lamp
      • Self-contained power supply
      • Single unit chassis construction for stable optical alignment
      • Center mounted 6-color boomerang, uses industry standard color frame for gels and dichroics
      • Single lever trombone intensifies the beam as the diameter is reduced
      • Operable from either side via dual controls and reversible boomerang
      • (4) Follow / Carrying handles
      • Folding 3 leg base and yoke assembly
      • Ammeter and control for lamp current
      • Hours meter


      • Large Theatres
      • Stadiums / Arenas
      • Amphitheaters
      • Award shows
      Lycian: 1290 XLT

      2k Watt Xenon Long Throw Followspot

      • Control

                      • Protocol: USITT DMX-512

                      • 4-button menu with LED display

                      • DMX Channels: 6/7/8/11

                      • Input: 3-pin XLR Male

                      • Output: 3-pin XLR Female

                      • Operating Modes: Standalone, Master/Slave, Auto Modes

      • Weight & Dimensions

                      • Width: 10.7 inches (270 mm)

                      • Depth: 5.7 inches (144 mm)

                      • Height: 8.6 inches (21.6 cm), 11.2 inches (28.4 cm) with bracket

                      • Weight: 11.5 lbs (5.2 kg)

      • Panel Size: Half Meter x Meter (19.6”x39.4”/500x1000mm)
      • Pixel Pitch: 3.9i/O
      • i-Indoor and O-Outdoor ≥IP65 Rated
      • Panel Weight: 17 Lbs (7.75 KG)
      • Die-Cast Aluminum Chassis
      • Flush Wall-Mount Option: All Parts Front Removable
      • 4-Step Quick Locking
      • Ground-Stacking or Rigging
      • Load-Bearing: 20 Panels


      • Professional racing
      • Sporting events
      • Festivals
      • Concerts
      • Public speaking
      • …and more!

      BRAND: American DJ

      Mirage Q6 PAK Includes:
      • (6) MIRAGE Q6 IP Fixtures
      • (1) MIRAGE Q6 FC Flight Case
      • (6) MIRAGE Q6 IPCB Charging bases and power supplies
      • (1) UC-IR Wireless Infrared Controller
      • (1) IP65 Locking Power Cable
      Product Specs
      • IP65 Outdoor Rated
      • 15º Beam Angle
      • Electronic Dimming: 0 - 100% w/ 6 dim modes & 4 dim curves
      • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
      • Battery Charge Time: 7 Hours
      • Battery Life: 40 hours (single color)

      * = May vary depending on several factors including but not limited to: Environmental Conditions, Power/Voltage, Usage Patterns (On-Off Cycling), Control, and Dimming.4-touch button OLED display on rear panel


      Rogue R2X

      Automated RGBW Luminaire

      BRANDChauvet Professional


      Rogue R2X Wash is a durable and dependable moving-head wash workhorse that produces a bright, powerful light and offers five zones of LED control to pixel map its 19 (25 W) RGBW quad-LEDs. A standout zoom range of 7.3° to 64.3° gives it the spread to cover even the largest areas.

      Smooth color mixing, simple and complex DMX channel profiles and powerCON in and out are just some of the other features that make this fixture a standout performer in any setting.

      Product Features
      • Fully featured RGBW LED yoke wash fixture with LED zone control and zoom
      • 16-bit dimming of master dimmer as well as individual colors for smooth control of fades
      • 19 RGBW LEDs, 25 W each
      • 3- and 5-pin DMX input/output connections
      • 5 zones of LED control for pixel mapping control
      • Unique lens design is excellent for enhanced color blending — no RGB shadows!
      • Top industry grade motors deliver fast, smooth pan and tilt movement
      • 12-49 degrees of motorized zoom make it easy to focus your light perfectly
      • RDM enabled for remote addressing and trouble shooting
      • Selectable LED max output to match legacy Rogue R2 Washes
      • Selectable PWM options for camera operation
      • 6 distinct dimming modes for advanced control
      • Easy to read OLED display with simple, effective menu options
      • Simple and complex DMX channel profiles for programming versatility
      • Award shows
      • Corporate events
      • Industrial shows
      • ...and more!
      Chauvet Professional: Rogue R2X

      Automated RGBW LED Luminaire (Wash)

      • Live concerts
      • Trade-Shows
      • Stage Performances
      • Conventions

      - Auto Select - (Active input to all outputs or if both inputs are active SDI             to HDMI and HDMI to SDI)

      - HDMI IN to SDI OUT and SDI IN to HDMI OUT

      - HDMI IN to HDMI and SDI OUT

      - SDI IN to HDMI and SDI OUT